First deliveries to customers will start in January.

Las Vegas – Tecnam announced today that the new P2012 STOL is on track to complete the certification process with EASA, with type certification expected by the end of 2023.

The aircraft is designed for Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) operations and is specifically engineered to operate at the world’s most demanding commercial airports.

All flight tests have confirmed, and in some cases exceeded, the preliminary design performance data. First deliveries to customers will begin in January as the aircraft is already in production.

Addressing the needs of a market niche that has been underdeveloped and unsupported for decades, Tecnam once again provides a solution for operators seeking a modern, spacious, comfortable, safe yet stylish aircraft with outstanding STOL capabilities for their business.

The P2012 STOL is the only twin-piston aircraft with Short Take-Off and Landing capabilities that complies with the latest certification changes. It offers a maximum gross weight of 3680 kg / 8113 lb while maintaining a modern design, a wide and comfortable cabin and 11 seats.

The interior is enhanced by a central aisle, a dedicated window for each of the 9 individual passengers, no bench/double seats and the best passenger amenities such as USB ports, cabin air conditioning, individual fresh and hot air outlets, dedicated reading light, seat pockets and cup holders.

The interiors design and the superb view provided by the “high wing” configuration provide a “best-in-class” experience for the flights to typical “exotic” STOL destinations.

Mission accomplishment and flight safety enhancement pass through a modern cockpit with latest technology, including state-of-the-art G1000 NXi avionic system, and GFC700 specifically tuned autopilot. Active and connected flight deck (Bluetooth, flight stream, Iridium) and a toolbox of modern aids (Wx radar, storm scope, inset map, Synthetic Vision™) are provided to reduce workload and fatigue while increasing mission effectiveness. From a comfort perspective the P2012 STOL offers a +34% wider cabin, +24% larger seat pitch, +188% higher luggage weight allowance and +303% better luggage volume when compared to the most known British STOL aircraft and does it all in accordance with the latest certification standards.

From the performance perspective the P2012 STOL can easily and more comfortably carry an equivalent payload of the most known British STOL aircraft while matching its takeoff and landing performances, moreover, the P2012 STOL can also outperform its useful load by 20% up to a remarkable value of 1284 kg / 2830 lb while performing a STOL mission.

At Maximum Takeoff Weight of 3680 kg / 8113 lb, the take-off run takes only 315 m / 1035 ft and to clear the obstacle the takeoff distance is achieved in just 425 m / 1395 ft. Even better at the 3630 Kg Maximum Landing Weight where the landing distance from the obstacle takes only 360 m / 1180 ft and the impressive ground run requires just 225 m / 740 ft.

There are thousands of regional and local STOL airports around the world needing an outclassing airframe, superior performances, the latest safety and a 21st Century design, capable of lifting off from prepared and unprepared strips of less than 300 m / 1000 ft.


P2012 STOL

The P2012 STOL, developed by the renown and innovating Tecnam Research and Development team, is available in the passenger and multi-mission configurations (combi, cargo, air ambulance). Fully interchangeable, the 11-seat, twin-engine, fixed gear, unpressuried Tecnam can quickly and easily be converted from a 9-passenger carrier into a special-purpose aircraft… and back again.

The aircraft main features are:

  • Two flight deck plus nine passenger single seat cabin accommodation.
  • Two six cylinders, turbocharged, piston engines.
  • Single Pilot certified in VFR and IFR.
  • PBN certified for GPS approaches.
  • No type rating issue/renewal required.
  • Easy maintenance.


More info on the P2012 STOL

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