Volodymyr Rizzitano will be working closely with customers for regular updates.

CAPUA – TECNAM has appointed Volodymyr Rizzitano as the new Customer Service Manager for TECNAM worldwide. Volodymyr Rizzitano will be responsible for all service activities, primarily maintaining customer satisfaction by providing problems-solving support to final customers and to the network of Tecnam Service Centers worldwide.

Volodymyr was born in Ukraine, in 1993. He moved to Italy where he graduated as Aeronautical Expert at Polotecnico Fermi Gadda. Passionate about aviation since a young age, he joined Tecnam’s Technical Support Department in 2014. From there, he became the Engineering Manager of Tecnam Maintenance Organization and subsequently Aircraft Delivery Manager building strong relationships with customers. He holds a PPL from Tecnam’s Flight Academy and speaks several languages including Russian, English, Italian, Ukrainian, and Polish.

“We want to serve our customers better; we want to exceed their expectations. I am sure that Volodymyr will excel in his new role and will ensure a tighter coordination of our service operations and meet our goals in terms of Customer Satisfaction”, says Giovanni Pascale, TECNAM Managing Director.

“I am so honoured to be stepping into this new role. It is exciting to work in a company like Tecnam that focuses on young talents and gives them the opportunity to build and apply their skills, reaching their full professional potential”, said Volodymyr Rizzitano.

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