AERO Friederischafen – Tecnam and Evionica today announced a long-term partnership for an interactive learning platform for student pilots. The first models to be included in the agreement are the P2006T and P2008JC. Others will follow.

The collaboration will enable the most comprehensive and detailed insight into Tecnam aircraft, providing a modern and interactive learning experience for pilots.

Flight preparation and safety will be significantly enhanced through Evionica systems and the partnership with Tecnam. Evionica’s team of pilots and engineers have flown and worked on Tecnam aircraft and are able to provide immersive and insightful e-learning courses. By sharing our experience, knowledge and love of aviation, Evionica and Tecnam will improve aviation together offering a modern solution for training.

“Tecnam is more than just a global aircraft supplier; it is a company with a rich history dating back to 1948. Similarly, Evionica was founded with a passion for flying and a mission to enhance aviation safety, logistics, and training. We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Tecnam.” Said Mateusz Godun, Evionica CEO.

“The Tecnam solution for training is ideal for a modern flying school” said Walter Da Costa, Chief Sales Officer, Tecnam. “Aligning with Evionica for a modern learning is natural fit to provide worldwide students and customers with the support they need.”


About Evionica

Evionica provides intelligent solutions that improve aviation business and training worldwide. Evionica’s products are tried, tested and trusted by major airlines, flight schools, and training organizations all around the world.

Devised, designed and delivered by aviation experts, Evionica’s elearning, mlearning, flight training apps and Weight and Balance tools bring next generation improvements to this generation’s aviators.


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