Green Flight Academy offers unique sustainable flight training.

Capua, Italy – Tecnam announced today that the innovative Swedish Airline Training Organization, Green Flight Academy ordered two P2010 Tdi, with the option for an additional three more in 2024.

Green Flight Academy AB (GFA) was established 2021 as a result of the region’s major growth investment in northern Sweden and Skellefteå’s position as one of Europe’s centres for green conversion technologies.

Green Flight Academy offers the world’s first airline pilot programme designed with sustainability in mind, one of the world’s most environmentally friendly ways to become a pilot. This is why Green Flight Academy has chosen the Tecnam P2010 Tdi.

The P2010 airframe, with its wide, composite, fuselage design and the all-metal wing and stabilator, has proven to be the perfect platform to match the CD-170 engine performance and capabilities. The “Twenty-Ten” consolidated comfort, with three doors and dedicated baggage access, its Italian style and proven reliability perfectly match the fuel efficiency granted by the use of Jet fuels or Sustainable Aviation Fuels. SAF is already available at many airports throughout Europe which means that up to 80% of net CO2 emissions can be saved by its utilization. The modern, dual FADEC controlled powerplant technology grants extremely low operating costs and emissions, and it is coupled with the most innovative Garmin G1000Nxi avionic suite.

The aircraft offers outstanding consumption that ranges from just 4.5 USG/hr (17 litres/hr) at 55% power, to 7 USG/hr (27 litres/hr) at 75% power with constant performances up to 8,000ft and operations up to 18,000ft, allowing the P2010 Tdi to definitely “soar higher”. With a range exceeding 1,000nm and endurance reaching 12 hours, the P2010 Tdi is the perfect choice not only for Flight Training Organizations (which can count on a single refueling for a whole training-day), but for private mobility, too.

TECNAM, which produces the most complete, fuel efficient and less emitting fleet (both single and twin engine) for Flight Training Organization, is constantly committed to provide the most achievable and sustainable solutions towards a greener future and successful business for its valuable clients.
More info on P2010 Tdihttps://tecnam.com/aircraft/p2010-tdi/


Cecilia Holmlund, Green Flight’s Operations Manager stated: “It is important for us to work with manufacturers who have a clear commitment to sustainability, which Tecnam does. The P2010Tdi is a high-quality aircraft and with its long range, Garmin 1000Nxi avionics and integrated autopilot, makes it a complete training aircraft for us. Most importantly, they have fuel-efficient engines and therefore fits perfectly into our ambition to be the world’s most sustainable flight school with the world’s most sustainable fleet.”

Tecnam Green Fleet.  Based on recent data and industry benchmarks, flight training schools operating Tecnam’s single and twin-engine fleets can save as much as 10 tons of CO2 emissions for every single student graduating with a Commercial Pilot License – a 60% reduction compared to legacy fleets using Avgas 100LL fuel. (Based on 155 flight training hours, including 30 hours on the twin.)
More info on Tecnam Green Aviation:    https://www.tecnam.com/soar-greener/

Walter Da Costa, Tecnam’s Chief Sales Officer, said: “Tecnam’s approach to sustainable innovation is based on three non-negotiable principles: Our solutions are real, sustainable and practical. We are proud to be a part of the sustainable aviation revolution and to leave a better world for the generations to come.”

About Green Flight Academy

Green Flight Academy is reinventing flight training by making it more sustainable while training future pilots for new challenges ahead. By using new technology, including electric and fuel-efficient diesel airplanes, environmental impact is reduced. Consideration, openness and innovation are all vital parts of transforming flight training for the future.


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