The Hawaii operator has ordered two P2012 Traveller with other twenty-three additional options to increase the fleet for operations in the Pacific area.

Lakeland – Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM is proud to announce the signing with Pacific Air Charters, Inc. of an order for two P2012 Traveller with immediate delivery and twenty-three additional options to expand the fleet.

Known for offering its customers the ultimate in luxury and safety, Pacific Air Charters, Inc. is the premium provider of aerial limousine services in the Hawaiian Islands.

Multi-engine operations over water provide a significant safety advantage for the company’s market area. The P2012 Traveller will also offer very competitive operating costs due to its FADEC piston Lycoming engines. Passenger comfort was a key factor in the operator’s decision: All single seats with generous pitch, dedicated window and in seat amenities, USB port, cupholder, seat pocket, armrest; plus in cabin luggage compartment and dual air conditioning system (that can be operated also on the ground through a DC power connection to “pre-cool” the aircraft before boarding) offer limousine level comfort and convenience.

Pat McNamee, Pacific Air Charters, Inc. Chief Operating Officer and 135 Director of Operations, said, “We are excited to bring comfortable, convenient and modern multi-engine travel to the islands of Hawaii and other areas of the Pacific Ocean. The P2012 Traveller is the perfect aircraft for our routes.”

Francesco Sferra, P2012 & Special Mission Platform Sales and Business Development Manager: “We are thrilled and honored that Pacific Air Charters, Inc. has chosen Tecnam as their trusted partner for their passenger operations in the Pacific region. We pride ourselves on providing world-class aircraft and services that prioritize safety, efficiency and reliability.”

About Pacific Air Charters, Inc.
Pacific Air Charters, Inc. is a part 135 airline based in Honolulu. Founded more than twenty years ago, our goal is to bring affordable, comfortable, convenient and modern limousine- level service to the islands of the Pacific. We will make inter-island air service something to look forward to, combining old-fashioned, personal service with the most modern twin engine, all window seat aircraft available today.

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