The company has optioned a total of 27 aircraft.

LAS VEGAS – TECNAM is proud to announce the confirmation of the fourth P2012 aircraft by Pacific Air Charters Inc. in Hawaii. Having taken delivery of the first Traveller in August 2023, immediately followed by the second in September 2023, and the third aircraft in the process of being delivered at the Tecnam plant in Capua – Italy, with this fourth aircraft, the fleet of Pacific Air Charters Inc. is growing rapidly to serve the Pacific market.

The P2012 Multi-Engine operations over water provide a significant safety advantage in the remote Pacific areas of operation, while benefitting of the Traveller’s very competitive operating costs, and thus making the P2012 a perfect match for the operational needs of the Company.

Known for offering its customers the ultimate in luxury and safety, Pacific Air Charters, Inc. is the premium provider of air charter services within the Hawaiian Islands and American Samoa. Passenger comfort was a key factor in the operator’s decision: All single seats are generously pitched with dedicated window and seat amenities, USB port, cup holder, seat pocket, armrest; dual air conditioning (which can also be operated on the ground via a DC power connection to “pre-cool” the aircraft prior to boarding) offer limousine levels of comfort and convenience.

The first P2012 Traveller, immediately after its arrival to Hawaii, demonstrated the platform versatility when a series of wildfires broke out in the US state of Hawaii in early August 2023, mainly on the island of Maui. The aircraft, operated by Pacific Air Charter Inc, had only been in Hawaii for 10 days when it was used to transport and deliver thousands of pounds of desperately needed food, medicine and other supplies to Maui and, on the return flights, evacuating those needing medical attention in Honolulu.

In recent days, Pacific Charter’s first P2012 has been transferred to operations in Samoa under the “Pago Wings” brand and has set another ferry range and endurance record for the type, flying 2261 nm in 15h05′ over the ocean between Kailua-Kona and Pago Pago.

Pat McNamee, Pacific Air Charters, Inc. Chief Operating Officer and 135 Director of Operations, said, “We are thrilled to be innovating the air transportation market in the area with a modern aircraft. The P2012 Traveller confirmed that this is the perfect platform for our operations. We are focused on premium services, but the aircraft offers many additional  capabilities and expands our options.”

“Tecnam is bringing an efficient solution with a safe, reliable, multi-mission aircraft to the needs of the local communities in Hawaii and American Samoa. The fourth P2012 aircraft order confirmation is a recognition of the immediate benefits that Pacific Air Charter Inc has gained since the first Traveller acquisition. And with this last 15-hour ferry flight between Kailua Kona and Pago Pago, we have set a new record for a Tecnam!” Said Francesco Sferra, Tecnam P2012 – Special Mission Platforms Sales & Business Development Manager.

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