A summary of the medical operations made with the Italian 11 seater in 2023.

CAPUA – In 2020, Apex Aviation acquired its first a state-of-the-art multi-mission P2012 Sentinel SMP to increase and enhance the organisation’s operational capabilities in Taiwan.

Upon joining the company’s fleet in 2021, the first P2012 Sentinel SMP was employed in multiple missions, including parachute jumping and aerial tours. With Medevac operations on the horizon, Apex Aviation has introduced a second P2012 SMP to join the fleet in 2023 for a continuous Air Ambulance support to most remote communities of the Country.

In 2023, Apex performed 333 flight hours of Air Ambulance operations, over 103 different missions, managing their P2012s through a team of 8 pilots, 5 mechanics and alternating the 2 Sentinel SMP aircraft on this specific Medevac role.

Through these amazing results Apex has brought relief and assistance to remote areas of the Taiwanese island, providing support to people in need of care, and in many cases saving lives.

In air rescue, nobody and nothing can fail, a principle that both people and aircraft must obey.

Apex, the only professional flight training organization in Taiwan, has expanded its operations with the multi-mission capabilities of the P2012 Sentinel SMP performing: passenger transportation, air ambulance missions, sightseeing tours, parachute jumping, aerial photography and more.

Based in RCFN Taitung airport, most of the Medevac operations are to/from RCBS Kinnen and RCSS Taipei Songshan Airport.

The Italian-made P2012 Air Ambulance aircraft is capable of operating on short prepared and unprepared airstrips. With one or two pilots, up to six doctors/operators (or patient’s relatives) and a Medevac stretcher, it provides a state-of-the-art air ambulance service for up to 600 NM transfers, at an operating cost that is a fraction of aircraft or helicopters with similar interior layout and cabin volume. Easy to load through the wide cabin door, the P2012 requires no special ground equipment for the Medevac mission, making it the ideal platform to operate from smaller, remote, unserviced airports and airstrips.

Francesco Sferra, P2012 & Special Mission Platform Sales and Business Development Manager“Apex Aviation anticipated and fully understood the flexibility and interoperability of the P2012 aircraft series for the wide range of missions it can perform. Tecnam is proud to support the ongoing Medevac operations in Taiwan, providing assistance to the most remote areas of the country and helping to save lives”

Wilson Chien Yu Kao, CEO Apex Aviation said: “We believe it’s the spacious cabin and low operating costs that set the P2012 apart, while advanced avionics provide the pilot with situational awareness not found in other last-generation competitors. In Taiwan the P2012 is the best choice because of its low operating costs. However, we see many potential contracts in Taiwan that make P2012 the only choice for fixed wing operations.”


About APEX – Committed to Education

Apex is the first and only professional flight training organization in Taiwan, headquartered in the metropolitan area of Taipei and our flight training base is located in beautiful sunny Taitung Fengnian (RCFN) Airport.

Apex offers world class training environment with focuses on Safety and Airline Oriented Training. We are aspired to become an important base for training Asian pilot, right from the heart of Asia, Taiwan.



For further details on the P2012 STOL and the P2012 Series aircraft, please visit www.tecnam.com or contact Francesco Sferra, Tecnam P2012 – Special Mission Platforms Sales & Business Development Manager; tel +39 345 782 7020 email; [email protected].

P2012 local sales representatives are also available locally in Argentina, Australia, UK, USA.

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