P Mentor at Sebring

The first P-Mentors handed to HCH Aviation for Stephen F. Austin State University.

Capua, Italy., May 30, 2024 – Tecnam Aircraft today announced the commencement of customer deliveries for the revolutionary P-Mentor Single Engine IFR Part 23 Certified Two Seat Platform.

“Beginning P-Mentor customer deliveries less than one month after achieving Federal Aviation Administration Type Certification marks another incredible milestone of raising the bar for the General Aviation Marketplace”, said Giovanni Pascale Langer, Managing Director, Tecnam Aircraft. “The P-Mentor has already begun to transform the training marketplace around the world as Flight Schools recognize that they cannot continue to operate legacy aircraft. The P-Mentor offers a unique combination of unparalleled safety, performance and cost-effectiveness.”

This innovative aircraft is equipped with the latest Garmin G3X Touch Screen avionics suite, providing students and instructors with a modern and intuitive interface to enhance the flight training experience.

“Since 1948, Tecnam has always been at the forefront of aviation innovation,” said David Copeland, Director of Sales. “With the P-Mentor, we are setting a new standard in the IFR training environment, offering a aircraft that not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of the aviation training community.”

The P-Mentor offers a very low fuel consumption of (3.7 GPH) while delivering a high level of cost efficiency allowing for all day training without having to stop for re fueling thus reducing costs as well as ground and operational interruptions.

“Today marks not only a monumental day for Tecnam but also for our Flight Program in partnership with Stephen F. Austin University. The delivery of the P-Mentor caps off our conversion of our fleet to an all inclusive Tecnam Flight Program. The innovation, low operational cost and aerodynamics of this platform are perfect for our Students and our operations. This combined with the reliability of the Tecnam Aircraft made it a very easy decision to choose the P-Mentor”, said Kristen Conklin, President; HCH Aviation.

Along with the delivery of the aircraft, a maintenance and familiarization course was also provided to the technicians and pilots.

For further details of the extensive range of Tecnam aircraft, please visit www.tecnam.com or contact David Copeland; US Director of Sales. email; [email protected] or 316-558-1901.

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