The largest Flight Training Organisation in NZ has a full-Tecnam fleet.

DUBAI AIRSHOW – Tecnam and New Zealand Airline Academy Limited (NZAAL) announced today a firm order for 10 Tecnam aircraft, consisting of eight single engine P2008 JC Night VFR, one single engine P-Mentor IFR trainer with RNAV capability and ballistic safety parachute, plus one multi-engine P2006T Premium edition aircraft. The first of these, the Tecnam P2006T aircraft, is flying direct from the factory in Capua, Italy to the NZAAL base in Oamaru, New Zealand. The remaining nine training aircraft are scheduled for delivery starting in the 2nd quarter of 2024.

This strategic investment underscores NZAAL’s dedication to providing unparalleled training experiences and further solidifies its position as a global leader in aviation education.

New Zealand Airline Academy Limited (NZAAL) is a New Zealand based award-winning flight training organization, holding certifications under Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

As an exclusive cadet pilot training provider for Air India’s group AIX Connect (formerly Air Asia India), NZAAL is strategically located in the picturesque locale of Oamaru, North Otago. Three towered airfields with instrument approaches are in close proximity to the base airfield with many more coastal and mountain airfields offering challenging and varied weather conditions that create real-world flying conditions for cadets.

Established in 2018, by two seasoned aviation professionals, NZAAL started flight training with one Tecnam P2008. Five years later, this ten aircraft expansion will take their Tecnam fleet to a total of 24 aircraft and overall fleet total to 26 aircraft including two P2006T Twin advanced Multi IFR trainers a tribute to the two Directors of NZAAL who embarked on their commercial pilot training journey in New Zealand over sixteen years ago.

“When we set out to establish the New Zealand Airline Academy, we meticulously sought an aircraft that would epitomize excellence in several crucial aspects. Our selection criteria included unparalleled safety features, the ability to endure the rigorous demands of flight training, seamless transition from training aircraft to modern day jets through state-of-the art technology, a commitment to environmental sustainability, local dealer support and cost-effectiveness. Tecnam emerged as the unequivocal winner, embodying each of these criteria effortlessly, making it the clear and optimal choice for our flight school.” Said Jonathan Manuel, CEO & Director of NZAAL.

“It is great to see the growth of NZAAL. They have developed an almost perfect business model for a flight school that is a paradigm for the region and the world. This model is based on the Tecnam fleet. And we are very proud of this, because our vision for 75 years has been exactly this: the production of simple but modern, safe and economically attractive aircraft for every flight school.” Said Walter Da Costa, Chief Sales Officer of Tecnam.

LTR NZAA CEO & Director Jonathan Manuel, Tecnam CSO Walter Da Costa

NZAAL’s inception was propelled by a keen insight into the shortcomings of traditional flight training organizations across New Zealand who had persisted with legacy (old) trainers.

In response, the academy spearheaded a paradigm shift by introducing top-tier training programs utilizing state-of-the-art Tecnam glass cockpit aircraft. This innovative approach ensured a seamless transition for students from training aircraft to the sophisticated cockpits of contemporary jets.

Setting itself apart as the sole fixed-wing training provider in New Zealand employing touch screen glass cockpit aircraft throughout the training spectrum, NZAAL proudly boasts cutting-edge technology. These modern aircraft feature four levels of terrain alerts, synthetic vision, moving map displays, and advanced traffic awareness (ADS-B in & out). Beyond honing skills in situational awareness and airmanship, NZAAL’s philosophy is deeply rooted in prioritizing student safety through the integration of the latest market-available technology.

In a pioneering move, NZAAL became the first and only FTO in New Zealand to invest in electronic carbon monoxide detectors, providing both aural and visual alerts on the glass cockpit display. This unwavering commitment to safety aligns with the academy’s core belief that no student should ever be at risk in challenging situations.

NZAAL also owns and operates New Zealand Aircraft Engineering Limited, a Tecnam Authorised service centre in Oamaru, New Zealand.

Tradition, innovation and vision. These factors are spearheading Tecnam to wider horizons. Based on recent data and industry benchmarks, Tecnam is offering the greenest training fleet in the world. Flight schools operating Tecnam’s single- and twin-engine fleet can save as much as 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every single student graduating with a Commercial Pilot License – a 60% reduction compared to fleet using 100LL fuel on a journey of 155 flight hours, 30h of which on twin (

About NewZealand Airline Academy

New Zealand Airline Academy, established by aviation professionals who have more than three decades of experience helping international students chose the right program and training. The management team consists of people who have done extensive research, before choosing New Zealand for their own training.

Keeping in mind the huge growth in the field of aviation and the demand for quality pilots, NZAAL have been sub-contracted to deliver Commercial Pilot Training for International students by NewZealand’s National Trade Academy.




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