The Alaskan operator has taken delivery of its third P2012 Traveller to continue to expand its operations.


Lakeland – Tecnam and Kenai Aviation are pleased to announce the addition of a third Tecnam Traveller to the Kenai fleet.

Kenai Aviation introduced the first P2012 Traveller in 2022, with the N212US that entered in service in Alaska immediately after the delivery ceremony held at the 2022 Sun n Fun in Lakeland.

At the 2023 edition of the show Kenai accepted the delivery of their second P2012 Traveller, tail number N244US, that boosted the operations in Alaska, allowing in just 24 months to introduce a third Traveller, again delivered at this 2024 Sun n Fun airshow.


Kenai has been operating the Traveller to transport passengers and freight for 24 months (initial 12 months based on a single aircraft, and the last 12 months based on two aircraft) with remarkable results:

  • 28,278 passengers flown.
  • 28,926 lb of freight transported.
  • 7,652 flights performed.
  • 4,992 flight hours logged.


The perfect match between the proven Tecnam P2012 Traveller design and the close-knit Kenai team has led to a successful operation despite the harsh and extreme operating environment of Alaska.

Customer satisfaction, on board comfort and space, and high dispatch reliability, have made the Traveller the “aircraft of choice” for the short haul operations in the Anchorage area.

This third aircraft acquisition allows Kenai Aviation to boost frequencies and better serve the local Alaskan communities.


The Traveller, which comfortably seats nine passengers with one or two crew, is a new generation, turbocharged, twin-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft. The addition to Kenai Aviation’s fleet provides customers with cost-effective and diverse configuration options, while still delivering the experience that discerning travelers expect, such as premium interiors, in-seat power, superior legroom and under-seat stowage.

The aircraft’s TKS de-icing capabilities and robust design allow Kenai to provide reliable and on-time service to communities in Alaska’s challenging weather environment.


Learn more about the P2012 Traveller:


Joel Caldwell,  Kenai Aviation CEO/Owner said, “Our third P2012 is the proof we have found the aircraft that is perfectly suited for our commuter markets in the state of Alaska. The P2012, designed specifically to meet the needs of our scheduled commuter markets in South Central Alaska, has exceeded our expectations.”


Francesco Sferra, Tecnam P2012 & Special Mission Platform Sales and Business Development Manager: “Tecnam is proud to deliver this third aircraft to Kenai Aviation. It is not only a further step ahead in the service provided by the Kenai Company to the local community, but it is also attesting the P2012 Traveller capabilities in the extremely cold weather environment of Alaska and fitting easily any business plan.”.


About Kenai Aviation

Kenai Aviation has been in business since 1961 and is the oldest operating family business in Kenai, AK. The Caldwell family acquired Kenai Aviation in 2018 and is continuing the legacy of safe, reliable, air travel. Along with the addition of twin turbo prop aircraft for long distance on demand charters, Kenai Aviation is now providing scheduled flight service for our communities in South Central Alaska.

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