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Capua, Italy – Today Tecnam Aircraft announced the appointment of Cielo Blu as their Exclusive Dealer for Sales and Service for the states of California and Arizona.  Cielo Blu (Italian for Blue Sky’s) is a part of the Threshold Aviation Group based in Chino, California.  Threshold Aviation Group, is owned by the DiLullo family and is led by Mark DiLullo, and his daughter Kayla DiLullo. The company has been selling and servicing aircraft since 1989 and formed a new company that will manage the Tecnam business.

Tecnam’s rich aviation heritage and Italian sophistication will add to Cielo Blu’s industry standing and ability to deliver quality products to its aviation clientele throughout California and Arizona.

Cielo Blu joins the other Tecnam Aircraft Sales Representatives; Altisky, Flightline Group and Volare Air now covering the US. Each of these Tecnam Representatives will be at AirVenture Oshkosh July 25-31. 

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to work closely with my family in our aviation business  along with the outstanding team. Representing the Tecnam Brand is exciting as Tecnam offers a unique dedication to the General Aviation Community with their wide range of product offerings of LSA, Single and Twin-Engine Certified Aircraft that are perfect for this territory” said Kayla DiLullo, President/Managing Director, Cielo Blu.

“Having Cielo Blu on board with Tecnam is key to supporting our growth within the United States and support of our existing customers throughout their territory.” said David Copeland, Director of Sales for Tecnam. 

Cielo Blu will be offering Tecnam aircraft all across the various models. The Tecnam fleet is the unique today to offer the best efficiency and latest certifications.  Efficiency that also means very low CO2 emissions. Recent study shows that flight schools operating with TECNAM single and twin-engine fleet can reduce emissions by up to 60%: 10 tons of CO2 for each student by the time they receive their Commercial Pilot License.

More info on Tecnam Sustainable Aviation

About Cielo Blu and Threshold Aviation Group;

Threshold Aviation Group, a Chino-based company has been flying, managing, servicing and selling airplanes of various brands and sizes since 1989 has formed a new company that will manage the Tecnam business, Cielo Blu (Italian for blue skies). The new corporation is owned by the DiLullo family and will be led by Kayla DiLullo with support from her father, Mark DiLullo, mother Lisa, sister Nicole and the rest of the team at TAG.


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