The Tecnam fleet will also include the new P-Mentor, two-seat IFR trainer, recently certified in Australia to offer complete flight training up to Commercial Pilot License.

CAPUA – Tecnam announced today that leading Melbourne flight school, Avia Aviation, based at Moorabbin, will become Australia’s first “Tecnam Flight School”.

With a fleet of new Tecnam aircraft online for training, including the popular 2-seat P92 Echo MKII; IFR certified, 2-seat P-Mentor; IFR certified, diesel engine, Jet A1 powered, 4-seat, P2010 TDI; IFR certified, Rotax powered P2006T twin; and an 11-seat, IFR certified, P2012 Traveller for charters. Avia will offer the most comprehensive and perhaps “greenest” training fleet in Australia.

Hallmarc Aviation Pty Ltd, Tecnam agent for VIC, SA, WA, and NT has supplied the aircraft to Avia, including the first-for-Australia, FAR/EASA certified, ballistic parachute equipped, P-Mentor that received CASA validation on October 7.


The P92 Echo MKII design provide a recognisable improvement in capabilities and performances, while maintaining the distinctive characteristics of the legacy P92 series.

The P92 typical short-field performances, excellent climb characteristics, efficiency, and rugged design, are now teamed with the Echo MKII streamlined composite fuselage, granting extraordinary cruise performances in unprecedented comfort.

The cabin volume has been increased, providing wider seats and extra fore and aft adjustment for optimal pilot and passenger accommodation; a modern and advanced cockpit has been designed for total aircraft control. The ballistic parachute, and advanced Garmin G3X touch avionics, equipped with synthetic view and ground proximity warning, provide additional safety during every flight.

More info on the P92MkII:


The P2006T MkII is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear.  Its simplicity, great performance, efficiency and ergonomics are what make this aircraft ideal for multi-engine training, as well as cross-country flying.  The P2006T offers unbeatable value and innovative design with a modern Garmin avionics suite, integrating all primary flight, navigation, communication and terrain data on two high-definition LCDs. The aircraft is also equipped with an S-Tec 55x high-performance, two-axis autopilot, with advanced features.

Fitted with two Rotax 912S3 engines, the Tecnam P2006T exhibits remarkable fuel saving and can be operated on AVGAS and MOGAS 95 octane fuel, leading to huge cost reductions.

The P2006T is ideal for flight training, as the aircraft has proved to be very relaxing to fly, the controls are light to operate, and even with one inoperative engine, the pressure needed to cope with the asymmetric thrust is very low.

The P2006T MkII can compete even with a single engine aircraft on consumption, allowing, with just one platform, different ratings as Multi Engine Piston (MEP), Variable Pitch Propeller, EFIS, and retractable landing gear.

More info on the P2006T:


The P-Mentor is the latest design from Tecnam: an IFR single engine two-seat, a simple and sustainable solution to guide student pilots from their first flight up to Instrument Rating, all in one two-seater single piston aircraft: IFR; PBN, RNAV; Variable Pitch, Autopilot, Simulated Retractable Gear Control; BRS.

The entire training syllabus with unprecedented fuel consumption and emissions, further enhancing the renowned profitability of Tecnam-made fleet.

For the first time ever, the extremely fuel efficient and low-emissions Rotax 912iSc becomes the heart of a full IFR-approved aircraft, coupled with an MT constant speed propeller.

More info on the P-Mentor:

Walter De Costa, Tecnam Global Sales & Marketing Director, said: “Worldwide, more and more flight schools are turning to Tecnam due to our wide range of aircraft; industry leading innovation; green credentials; high levels of in-country support; and short order-to-delivery times. Tecnam now has a very large number of aircraft in operation in Australia and NZ, a figure which is growing fast.”

“Avia has made a wise decision to join the Tecnam family, and we will no doubt see them flourish with this state-of-the-art offering.”

Charles Gunter, CEO, Avia Aviation, said “During a visit to the Tecnam factory in Capua, this year I was most impressed with the passion, commitment to innovation, and sheer production capacity of the company. The P-Mentor really caught my eye as the perfect trainer to complement our other Tecnam aircraft and take students from ab-initio through to a command instrument rating and or commercial license. I like the fact that the order to delivery time is in months not years, with strong local parts support.”

 “Operating a Tecnam single and twin-engine fleet can save up to 10 tons of CO2 for every graduated commercial pilot, something that is increasingly important to our students.”


Michael Loccisano, CEO of Hallmarc, said “We have had a long association with Charles and his highly capable team. We are delighted that a leading flight school as prestigious and astute as Avia, have chosen a Tecnam fleet. The P-Mentor adds to AVIA’s other Tecnam models the P92 Echo MKII and the P2006T twin for training purposes and AVIA operate our P2012 Traveller for Charter operations.  We expect to see other flight schools in Australia embrace Tecnam as a truly viable and green fleet replacement option.”


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