Capua (Italy) – On July 3, APA Training (Airline Pilot Academy), one of the most modern flight schools in France, collected its first two Tecnam P2010 215 HP single-engine piston (SEP) aircraft. A twin-engine P2006T and further P2010 four-seaters will follow shortly.
The crew flying the two aircraft, Captains Xavier Hirschauer, Emmanuel Dumenil and Francois Montel, were delighted to ferry flight the aircraft to their future home base in Tours Val de Loire Airport.

With the arrival of this first batch of aircraft, APA Training will start the operations and the first class of students will soon start flight training with state-of-the art aircraft, fulfilling the APA requirement for excellence and their wish to become the first private ab initio flight school with an international orientation.

APA Training was founded by professional former Air France pilots who combined their vast aviation experience to create a flight training school of the highest standards.

The P2010, also known as the “P Twenty-Ten”, is a single-engine, high-wing, four-seat aircraft that brings together an advanced technology all-carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator. Its standard configuration is powered by the renowned 180 HP Lycoming IO-360 engine and has a high fuel capacity (240L, 63.4 imp. gal). The option of Lycoming’s IO-390-C3B6 engine provides 215 HP @ 2,700 rpm which, coupled with a 3-bladed MT variable-pitch propeller, allows the P2010 to climb at 1,100 ft/m and cruise on 75% power at 146 kts.
Both versions (180 HP and 215 HP) are equipped with Garmin’s innovative G1000 Nxi state-of-the-art avionics platform. This enables not only wireless cockpit connectivity, but also wireless database updates via the Garmin Flight Stream, resulting in enhanced situational awareness.

Walter De Costa, Tecnam Global Sales & Marketing Director, said: “Tecnam is proud to have APA Training among our professional flight school customers. This proves yet again that our range of aircraft are the perfect solution for schools that aim to train the next generation of professional pilots.”

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