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P2012 Medevac
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    750 hp
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    MAX Cruise
    194 kts
    359 km/h
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    Max Range 
    950 nm
    1760 km
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    Useful Load 
    3130 lb
    1422 kg


Single Pilot Advanced Cockpit Environment
The SPACE cockpit design is optimized to reduce the pilot’s workload and enhance single-pilot performances during operations. The engines are fully electronically controlled, fuel injected and provided with several features to preserve its components in addition to saving fuel. No risks of mixture mis-handling, no risks of magnetos mis-handling, no risks of over-boosting, and no risks of propeller mis-handling. These almost-carefree engines come with faults provision and reports.
P2012 Medevac
Overhead panel: Intuitive Fuel management System, Easy to access starters and ignitions switches, Electric and lights controls
Glass Avionic: state of the art Garmin G1000NXi avionics system, to enhance mission accomplishment and safety, while reducing workload
Autopilot: reliable, sharp and precise Garmin GFC-700 Autopilot with next level capabilities.
Active and connected flight deck for a live interaction between pilot, aircraft and operating environment: bluetooth, flight stream, Iridium.
Every mission possible: a toolbox that will always provide an answer to any possible mission need (Wx radar, stormscope, AOA, inset map, TKS System etc).
All Weather
All Weather
The TECNAM P2012 can be equipped with TKS Ice protection, certified for FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing Conditions), weather radar and Storm Scope, allowing a safe flight mission that will always be on schedule.
The P2012 has 9 single seats with the same amenities (dedicated window, USB port, armrest, cup holder, fresh air / hot air outlets) and the same generous pitch as a liner. Air conditioning, venting, heating, cabin heating for all climate capabilities. 1.7 m3 luggage compartment + 0.4 m3 front cargo vane for a business passenger’s luggage allowance.
Interchangeable configuration from Traveller Airline to Cargo, Air Ambulance, Combi, Parachute Jumping, and others, thereby widening the business plan horizon and protecting the investment.
With live weather, satcom and flight-stream data exchange, the P2012 is connected in every possible way to ensure the success of the mission.
High Payload
High Payload
High cabin volume (8,9 m3), high cargo volume (1,7+0,4 m3), high weight (1414 kg), high cargo load (4x250kg pallets).
Twin Engine
Twin-engine, high wing configuration guarantees passengers and pilot great safety perception. Single engine operation allows a decent climb rate. 10.000ft ceiling single engine at MTOW will grant safety of the mission in every condition. Piston engine reliability and efficiency.
Large Rear Door
Large Rear Door
No other aircraft of this category features a wide cabin opening allowing benches and passengers boarding and easy access to luggage compartment and two doors for flight crew.
P2012 Medevac


This category can be available in all countries. Tecnam can apply for the Validation of this model with your Local Authorities.