The Perfect Plane for You

Whether it is for training, leisure or business, when it is about safety, performances and mission efficiency, nothing compares to a TECNAM "twin".

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Metal or composite, high or low wing, powered by Mogas, Avgas, Diesel or JetA1: it doesn't matter your choice. They are all "single" TECNAM masterpieces.

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Precise, Reliable, Powerful, bringing the TECNAM qualities to accomplishing the Special Mission.

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Smart Solutions.

True sustainability.

At Tecnam, sustainability is at the core of how we think, design and create. Our approach is as pragmatic as it is visionary. We recognize that true sustainable innovation is a journey, not a destination.

Passion inherited

from generations of aviation expertise

Our rich legacy is built on immense passion, unparalleled know-how, cutting-edge technologies and a relentless pursuit of better and more sustainable aircraft solutions.

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Quality & Innovation

Tecnam Model 1948
Tecnam Model 2020
  • 33 +
    Models and Variants
    Two seats, four seats and up to 11 seats. Metal and composite.
  • 7500 +
    Aircraft Flying Worldwide
    A large community sharing experience and reliability
  • 65 +
    Countries Worldwide
    In more than 65 countries with Dealers and Service Centers

Flight Schools

  • Safety at the Core of Everything We Do
    Safety at the Core of Everything We Do
  • Models Available for Every Level
    Models Available for Every Level
  • Aircraft That Support Your Bottom Line
    Aircraft That Support Your Bottom Line


P2012 US tour
P2012 US tour
Check out the new P2006T NG