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07/11/2012 : Tecnam returns to the microlight aeroplane market with the P92 Classic Light.
Tecnam’s reputation for developing aeroplanes for all aspects of General Aviation flying was further established today with the introduction of the Tecnam P92 Classic Light. Targeted at Ultralight/Microlight Flight Schools in particular, who will now have a new P92 aeroplane available to them at outstanding prices and fully supported by over 100 Tecnam Service Centre’s worldwide. 
Celebrating 20 years of P92 production, Tecnam latest model the P92 Classic Light marks Tecnam’s return to the microlight market.  Powered by a Rotax 912UL engine 80 HP. 
The P92 Classic Light as Ultralight/Microlight is delivered at a remarkable 270 KG empty weight with an MTOW of 475 Kg with an unbeatable price starting from € 43.010,00 (“Flyaway” price from Capua, Italy) 
The P92 Classic Light as US/LSA Configuration is delivered at a remarkable 275 KG empty weight with an MTOW of 500Kg with an unbeatable price starting from € 48.247,00 (“Flyaway” price from Capua, Italy)  
In the 20 years of service, the P92 worldwide fleet now stands at nearly 2000 aeroplanes in both ULM/LSA and VLA categories, with 200,000 flown hours. 
The P92 Classic Light is the 13th variant and follows on from the launch earlier this year of both the P92 Tail Dragger and P92 SeaSky Hydroplane.
“We have built our reputation at Tecnam on producing aeroplanes that offer outstanding value. Our latest P92 model, the P92 Classic Light is assured of a warm welcomed by the microlight pilot community,” said Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s Managing Director. ‘I am delighted we are able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this remarkable range fo aeropanes by offering a new aeroplane that ensures as wide an audience as possible can enjoy flying Tecnam aeroplanes.” 
For more information on the Tecnam P92 Classic Light, the cost-effective, 7th generation aeroplane from Tecnam, please visit or contact your local dealer or Walter Da Costa, Tecnam Sales and Marketing, tel 34 616 481143,
Tecnam P92 Classic Light 
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